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With Wirelane's charging system you are part of a huge charging network without losing track. User-friendly charging stations with intuitive user interface.

Are whitelabel solutions possible?

Yes, white label solutions are possible. As this is a very individual process, please contact our sales team for more information.

Does Wirelane install charging stations?

Yes, Wirelane does install charging stations. We provide a German wide network of electricians who can assist you with installing charging stations at your area. If you would like to have more information, please contact our sales department here.

Does Wirelane provide loas management?

Load management is possible with Wirelane charging stations. We tailor individual solutions for every single customer as this is contains various requirements. Should you have any questions on that topic please get in touch with us here.

How do I charge as a Non-Wirelane customer?

Should you not be registered at Wirelane, you can still charge by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. This QR code is available on every charging station. It leads you to a page where you can put in your credit card details and start the charging process right away.

How to connect my car with a charging station?

First, connect your car with your Type 2 plug. After that connect the cable with the charging station. Now choose a method of authentication and start charging. Please be aware that this described method depends on the type of charging station. There might be the possibility that you need to authenticate yourself before being able to start the charging process.

How to find a charging station?

The Wirelane app shows you, depending on the set filter, if there are any charging points in close range. The color coding shows you right away whether a charging point is available or occupied.

How to finish a charging session?

In general, the electric car is in charge of the charging session. Depending on the manufacturer, it is possible to end the charging process via a button or a touchscreen within the car. In addition, it is possible to end a charging session the way how it was started, meaning it is possible to end it via app, RFID card or as mentioned in the car.

How to request federal support for charging stations?

In Germany, federal sponsorship can be requested at local town halls or communities. More information on that contains the following link.

How to start a charging session?

In order to start a charging session you would need to authenticate yourself via the Wirelane app. Alternatively, it is possible to hold your RFID card against the card reader at the charging station. Should you not be a registered Wirelane customer, please scan the QR code on the charging station for instant charging.

Is it possible to charge a car with a Non-Wirelane RFID card? (Roaming)

In order to be able to charge your electric car anywhere in Germany some providers offer roaming. This enables you to use various charging stations from different providers without needing to have a contract with them. In mobile communication there are EU regulations in place to control the charges whereas in e-mobility roaming the charging costs depend on the individual e-mobility provider.

Which kind of charging stations can be purchased from Wirelane?

Wirelane offer three different types of charging stations at the moment. But this assortment will be continuously extended and updated. The three types are:

  • Wallbox
  • Single pedestal
  • Double pedestal

If you would like to have more information you can download the data sheet right here or get in touch with our sales department right here.

Are there charging stations that are not compatible with the Wirelane App?

The app shows not only Wirelane stations but also all compatible stations from Hubject and eClearing. Additionally, all charging stations from charge point operators who have a contract with Wirelane will be shown as well.

Does the app cost anything?

The Wirelane app is free for any mobile devices and it will always stay at no charge. We update the app on a regular basis, so it is definitely worth downloading it. If you like to download the app you can do that here with the following links for apple app store and google play store.

Does the app show if a charging station is available?

Yes, as soon as you select a charging point or station, the colour coding shows if a station is available. Green = Available | Yellow = Occupied

How to install the Wirelane App on a smartphone?

Installing the Wirelane app is very uncomplicated and can be done in only a few steps. Download the app form the apple app store or for android via the google play store and follow the instructions.

How does the accounting part work? How do I get a receipt?

With the Wirelane app it is as comfortable as never before. With the registration you enter a method of payment. As soon as a charging process is finished your account will be charged automatically. An overview of your expenses can be found in the section called “receipts” of your account.

How much does charging a car cost?

As soon as you choose a charging point, the e-mobility app shows you the applicable tariff.

How to enter a payment method to the Wirelane account?

After your successful registration, look for the tap called “payment data” in your account and follow the instructions.

How to pay at a charging station?

The easiest way to pay is via the Wirelane app but alternatively it is of course possible to start a charging session with your RFID card. Should you not be a Wirelane customer please scan the QR code at the charging station. Some of our stations provide tap payment for credit and debit cards. The kWh price will be shown in your e-mobility app.

How do I register for a Wirelane account?

On you can click in the upper right corner on “register”. On the new page click once more on “register” and fill in the form with valid email address and a password. Or follow that link to register.

How do I see the charging status of my car?

Every electric car manufacturer provides the possibility to check on the charging status in the car app. In addition to that it is possible in the car itself to have a look at the battery status. This way of displaying may differ from car to car.

What it the range of an electric car?

The car manufacturers always provide information on the ideal range of their product. These figures reflect laboratory conditions as various factors (e.g. speed, surface etc.) have an impact on real life driving. Practical experience shows that electric cars achieve ranges between 250 km and 600 km depending on the model.

Where do I order a RFID card?

RFID cards can be ordered via the personal Wirelane account. Please be aware that a valid method of payment has to be deposited in advance.

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