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The Charging Solution for the Real Estate Industry

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is no longer an option in prestigious or showcase properties, but rather a prerequisite for success leasing. With a full-service offering, Wirelane specifically addresses the requirements and needs of the real estate industry. State-of-the-art charging solutions, individual service packages, and flexible business and operator models enable your tenants and their customers to charge at your locations.

Why Charging Infrastructure in the Real Estate Industry?

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Legal requirements and increasingly stringent ESG guidelines make it necessary to further develop properties in terms of energy efficiency and to equip them with charging infrastructure.

Enhance Value and Future Viability

Innovative charging solutions increase the value and sustainability of your real estate and you benefit from higher sales prices and rental income.

Meet Increasing Demand from Tenants

With the increasing number of electric vehicles, the demand from tenants for charging facilities in properties continues to rise and will become a critical leasing criterion in the future.

Looking for the Right Charging Solution?

We’re happy to help you.

Our Offering

Latest Charging Technology

You benefit from state-of-the-art charging technology that is perfectly tailored to the individual techincal and electrical requirements of your site.

Full Service

From initial site analysis and electrical planning to installation and commissioning: we offer you all the service packages you need to successfully implement charging solutions at your properties.

No Operational Expense

We manage the complete operation of the charging solution at your locations, including support, automatic billing, maintenance and repairs. This way, you can guarantee maximum availability of your charging stations and simultaneously avoid possible business tax complications.

Minimal Investment

Thanks to our flexible financing offers and individual service packages, we can help you find the operator model that is right for you and and minimize your financial costs.

How We Support You

The Latest Charging Technology, Hassle-Free

We offer a charging solution that is easy to scale and adaptable to your properties. With our full-service offer and operation models, you benefit from state-of-the-art charging technology at your location with minimal investment and organizational effort.

Latest Charging Technology for Your Tenants

We analyze the demand at your locations together and equip them with the appropriate charging points. Your tenants will benefit from charging options with flexible payment methods (RFID, app, credit card) while you boost the attractiveness of your commercial spaces.

The Perfect Complement to Your Business Model

Charging and parking will be the same in the future. We equip your parking areas with easily scalable charging solutions and take care of all operational issues. This complements your customer offering and ensures you remain relevant to all e-mobilists.

Get Tomorrow’s Charging Solution Today

You are in the planning phase of a real estate project and want to lay the foundation for installing charging infrastructure? We offer a reliable, software-based, and future-proof charging solution and support you in all steps from planning to operation.

Operating Models for Commercial Properties

Operation as a Service

You purchase the charging stations, we take care of the operation, maintenance, and service of the installed infrastructure.


State-of-the-art charging solution at your locations with flexible contract conditions.

Asset as a Service

We provide the charging stations and take over the entire operation, maintenance, and service of the charging infrastructure.

YOUR advantage

State-of-the-art charging solution at your locations with no financial cost to you.

Why Wirelane?

One Holistic

Planning, installation, operation, billing, and maintenance - charging infrastructure can be complex. That’s why we developed a holistic ecosystem of hardware, software, and services to allow for the best user experience and the simplest and safest operation.

Perfectly Tailored to your Requirements

Every industry is different. We offer flexible purchase and financing plans and different operator models. This enables us to offer you the service package that best fits the specific requirements of your industry and your customers.

User Friendly and Future Proof

Regulations and user expectations around e-mobility are developing rapidly. As pioneers in the realm of charging infrastructure, we push the boundaries on topics like simple authentification and remote maintenance to ensure that our solutions are future-proof and our customers benefit from future innovations.

Das sagen unsere Kunden

“Wir waren auf der Suche nach Ladestationen. Mit Wirelane haben wir eine Ladelösung gefunden, die auf ganzer Linie überzeugt.”
Constantin Schwaab, CEO

Looking for the Right Charging Solution?

We are happy to help you.