The simplest and most delightful charging
experience to power the future of mobility.

Rock-solid hardware meets smart software

Easy to install and use

Our products are easy to use and made to last, which makes them a risk-free choice. Installation, maintenance and service are already included in our flat rate fee.

Increased customer satisfaction

Reach new customers and increase valuable foot-traffic for your establishment - or attract top talent and improve employee satisfaction in your workplace.

Seamless software integration

We integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning and backend systems to make it easy to include Wirelane services in your business.

Convenient management

Get a real-time overview of the status of your charging points, payments and billing. Build your own user tariffs and enhance your business.

Electric charging made simple

Explore the wirelane experience

We make EV charging better by making it easier, so that owning and running an electric car feels seamless and effortless. As it should be.


Be part of
the network

Reach more customers and become a preferred spot by becoming part of Wirelane’s large network of charging points.

With the Wirelane app your customers are always in control with a full overview of their current and past charging sessions, together with payments and receipts.


Pay the way
you want

Different payment options offer flexibility to your customers and your business. All are integrated seamlessly for a flawless customer experience and easy invoicing from your side.

Pay with:

Credit card

Rfid token

Mobile app


Manage your charging
points efficiently

While your customers enjoy a seamless charging experience, conviniently manage and control your stations and everything you need:

  • Billing
  • Vouchers
  • Invoices
  • Custom tariffs


Know your customers

Wirelane software collects data and gives you a usage overview of your charging stations.

You can see how often your customers come back, how long they stay - and you can build custom tariffs based on those data.


Explore the product

Our portfolio offers a wide range of customer-specific products, which take into account the special requirements of cities and municipalities, as well as companies from different industries and sectors. All products are fitted with the Type 2 connector (EN 62196-2).


Single Pedestal (11 - 22 kW)

The standalone variant in the well-known Light & Charge design can be installed at any location. Electric vehicles can be comfortably charged on parking areas without wall mounting options or a suitable light infrastructure. The luminous ring of the charging station in combination with the elegant design optimally fits into a modern environment.


Double Pedestal (11 - 22 kW)

The new charging stations, each with two charging ports, complement our extensive charging portfolio. In addition to the well-known high-quality aesthetic standalone pedestal design, the double charging station has a full redundancy of the two charging points, i.e. all components are duplicated for simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. As with all other charging stations, both charging capacities and equipment variants can be selected according to customer requirements.


Wall-Mounted (3,7 - 22 kW)

The wall mounted variant of the Wirelane charging station is ideally suited for parking spaces with limited space. Underground garages and parking spaces directly on a wall offer the advantage of installing a charging facility for electric cars. We would be glad to advise you about the connections to the power supply as well as all other important and observable regulations for the installation of charging points.


Pole-Mounted (3,7 - 22 kW)

The smart solution uses existing electricity supply and available parking spaces and provides charging infrastructure through the attachment of the Wirelane charging station to lampposts. The installation can be carried out either by means of tapped holes or by adapter solution with clamps on existing or new lamppost masts. We are happy to advise you on your specific application.

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