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WirelaneOS – The Operating Platform for Your Charging Infrastructure

WirelaneOS is our fully integrated software solution for the simple, transparent, and secure operation of your charging infrastructure, allowing you to set flexible rates and bill all charging transactions in compliance with calibration regulations.

Reliable Operation of Your Charging Infrastructure

Manage and control your charging infrastructure with a central software solution to keep you on top of things at all times.  With detailed statistics, as well as remote maintenance and remote updates, we ensure the smooth operation of your charging points.

Simple Management of Your User Groups

With WirelaneOS you are able to create individual user groups, define who can access your charging points, and control how your users authenticate themselves at your charging points.

Flexible Rate Allocation and Automated Billing

Define your individual pricing structure for economical operation of your charging points. WirelaneOS automates billing and invoicing of customers in compliance with calibration regulations.

WirelaneOS Features

automated billing
monitoring & remote updates
load management

Complete Overview of Your Charging Points and Transactions

WirelaneOS is the central operating platform with which you can manage and control your charging infrastructure online. Thanks to the analysis and reporting functions, you always have an overview of your charge points, the charging transactions, and the amounts of electricity delivered.

Management & monitoring
Remote control via OCPP

User Group Management and Access Control

Via the WirelaneOS you create and manage user groups, access rights, and respective authentication procedures at your charging points, defining who is allowed to charge at your charging points.

User group management
Access control
Management of authentification methods

Flexible Rate Settings and 
Payment Options

The WirelaneOS allows you to create an individual pricing structure and activate different payment options such as RFID, app, or credit card. So you decide who charges at your charging points, when, and at what price.

Individual pricing structure
Individual subscription-model
Management of payment methods (RFID, app, SEPA, credit card)

Automated Invoicing of All Charging Transactions

The quantities of electricity delivered via your charging points are recorded centrally in WirelaneOS in compliance with calibration law*. Based on the pricing structure defined by you, we handle the automated billing and invoicing with the electric vehicle drivers.

Billing in compliance with calibration law
Automated invoicing
*compliant hardware such as the Wirelane Light & Charge series required

Maximum Economic Efficiency through Roaming

Via the WirelaneOS, you have the option to activate roaming for your charging points, which makes them available to the e-mobilists of third-party providers. This maximizes the size of your potential user group and the profitability of your charging points.

Charging via MSP-Apps

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